Guruji -1

Muni Shri PranamyaSagar ji

Muni Shri Pranamya Sagar ji, writing a Sanskrit commentary of many texts in the minorities, rich in Sanskrit, English, Prakrit language, a unique talent from Mahakavi Acharya Shri Vidyasagar ji Maharaj’s unique talent, written in the public interest, wrote to everyone Have given a new direction to live your life. Muni Shri Pranmoya Sagar ji has tightened the principles of Lord Mahavira deeply on the criterion of contemplation, in which he has absorbed in a very simple language, which reflects his ‘deep and simple’ personality.

The writing of Muni Shri Pranmayasagar ji is a unique journey of the entire journey of the inner space, which transmits our intercourse to many topics of religion, and paves the underlying achievements and achieves its goal. Such confluence of words and subject matter with respect to sacred sentiments of spirituality is not visible elsewhere.Certainly, the composition of Muni Shree will create a different identity in the minds of the readers, and release a true message of humanity, removing many evils hidden in the society.